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Weather Stripping and Weather Seal 
Notice a damaged piece of weather strip around the garage door ? The bottom rubber is cracked, falling apart, or has a hole already ? Having alot of dirt ,leaves , dust , Cold and hot air coming into the house from the garage ? Seeing huge gaps around your garage door ? High electricy bills ?  

NOTE : It is very important to get and maintain and replace the weather seal on time ! 

All of these are the signs of the wear and tear of the Weather Stripping around the garage door ,that needs to be replaced. This also includes the torsion springs that need to be readjusted A.S.A.P .
The primary function of the Weather Stripping - it's a vinyl rubber seal which protects the stored items inside from any weather conditions and prevents from small insects and other pests to get in easily. Weather stripping is one of those parts in your garage door system ,that after being exposed to multiple seasons and being under so much pressure from the weight of the garage door, wears and damages more often than other garage door parts.

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